Unknown Men & Unknown Women at Grimsby Minster till April 13th 2019

A set of eight catoptric images; this anamorphic technique uses a heavily distorted image which appears perfect in a mirrored sphere. These feature portraits of unknown people from Grimsby Library archives.

Research, development and fabrication was funded by Making Ways; Sheffield, City of Makers

tracey holland unknown woman march 2019

This is an image from one of Tracey Hollands collections, It is a measure of her exquisite aesthetic sensitivity that she is able to create such emotionally convincing scenarios out of material that, in other hands, could invite sentimental indulgence and sensationalist morbidity: bloodthirsty fairy tales of heartbreak and revenge, cross associations drawn between the pulsings of the human heart and the churning rhythms of natural growth, loss and absence suggested by dramatically cast shadows. Through multiple juxtapositions of imagery, and through ambiguous combinations of objects and images, Holland builds up a deeply layered dream world that is unmistakably her own.